We are Suppliers of Award Winning Grey Water Systems,
Rainwater Harvesting & Water Saving Products.

Water is a precious natural resource and we all use it on a daily basis. Water conservation needs to be a way
of life and not just something we think about every once in a while. If we all try and save a little water we
can make a huge difference for the environment and the generations that follow.

G-Flow Grey Water System

The G-Flow is an easy to install, low maintenance, affordable, robust and reliable grey water system. Using water from the washing machine, shower, bath and bathroom sinks, the G-Flow automatically diverts, filters and disperse the water....

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Superhead Rain Water Tank Filter

The Superhead Rainwater tank filter prevents dirt, dust, leaves, insects, rodents and bird droppings from flowing directly into your rainwater tanks every time it rains. Easy to install and low maintenance...

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Redwaterâ„¢ Diverter

The first part of a shower is usually cold and this cold water is being lost down the drain. You can save and re-use this water with the award winning, Redwater Diverter. Most households do not have a hot water system or geyser located close to...

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Universal Gutter Mesh

The Universal gutter mesh prevents leaves from getting into and clogging up your gutters and Universal Gutter mesh downpipes. Its design allows for a quick and easy Installation and is compatible with most types of gutters...

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