PS Grey Flow Grey Water System

The manufacturer has spent over 8 years  developing a world patented tankless,  grey water diversion system which is robust, safe, hygienic, low maintenance, reliable and meets the most stringent environmental health and safety requirements.  The PS Grey Flow Grey Water systems (for larger homes) are fast becoming the Green Water saving standard used in many arid regions of the world.

The PS Grey Flow system is an economical and compact grey water diverter with a buffer tank. The installation is very simple and done in two stages.

The first part is installed within the house plumbing at pre-lay stage. There would be no further excavation required after the first part has been installed.  The second part is only installed when the house is complete. This ensures that the expensive components such as pumps and controllers are not left on site during construction.

It has a vortex pump that is thermally protected.

This system has the option of a self-cleaning mechanism cutting down the cleaning of the filters from every month to once a year.

The PS Grey Flow system is Smart WaterMark certified and WaterWise approved.

International standards in many countries recommended using a drip tube/line irrigation system with a grey water system in order to prevent any bacteria in the grey water system from getting airborne or settling on top of the lawn & garden.

The GF drip tube/line irrigation pipe is specially designed for use with the Grey Flow system. The GF drip line can be used for both sub-surface and sub-mulch applications.  This drip line is easily installed into gardens without interfering with the existing landscape.

The GF Rotor is the only irrigation controller in South Africa designed for Grey Water systems.  Can water from 2 to 6 different zones.

GF Drip Line Information
GF Rotor (Irrigation Controller) Information
G-Flow Grey Water System - Printable Brochure